Team Contacts

MMHA is part of the Northern Ontario Hockey Association. As such, there are specific requirements that must be met if you wish to be a volunteer.

What do I need to volunteer?

Clinics within the Northern Ontario Hockey Association


Manager – Lisa Spinks
Coach – Stephane Belanger
Coach – Erik Bittner
Trainer – Kellen Dupras


Manager – Britany McNabb
Assistant Manager – Chelsey Grant
Coach – Terry Huntley
Coach – Dean Grant
Coach – Alain Carriere
On-Ice Helpers – Mark Merritt, Joe McNabb
Trainer – VACANT



Manager – Tallya Gardiner
Head Coach/Trainer – Mathew Gardiner
Assistant Coach – Danny Turcotte
Assistant Coach – Nico Walters
Assistant Coach – Tylor Lavoie


Manager – VACANT
Head Coach – Jeremy Rodgers
Assistant Coach – VACANT
Trainer – Virginia Condie


Manager – Sherri Whalley 
Assistant Manager – Erin Bourgeois
Head Coach – Codie Whalley
Assistant Coach – Brandon Neault
Trainer – VACANT